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Here are the variety of services offered by Fish Courier Internatonal Limited.

  • Best In Delivery

    By Fish Courier Internatonal Service

Best In Delivery

International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide is everything Fish Courier ltd does.

  • Best in Packing

    By Fish Courier Internatonal Service

Best In Packing

We package your goods to ensure with the best packaging facilities.

  • Best In Transport

    By Fish Courier Internatonal Service

Best In Transport

We are passionate about cargo and with our proven cargo delivery process, it is easy for us to transport your package from here to there.

  • Best In Timing

Best In Timing

With Fish Courier Ltd, all deliveries/ packages are covered against damage or theft. We provide real-time tracking of your goods and send out constant notifications so you know where your items are at all times.

Our Service Information

Here are briefs on some of our services offered


Our cargo and haulage department also takes care of our warehousing services. Fish Courier Internatonal Service offers a range of warehouse services to individuals and financial institutions. We have bonded warehouses at various locations around the world. These warehouses have been serving individual importers for storage and financial institutions for recouping credit line granted customers. We are also involved in field warehousing for goods that could not fit into bonded warehouses. We have all kinds of items ranging from less sensitive bulky items to heavy duty items at lower rate to short, medium and long – range destinations within Nigeria and the west coast of Africa. Our fleet of trucks and vans ensure that our customers receive professional services, in this area.

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Corporate Responsibility

We are developing responsible initiatives and efforts across the globe, at our sites and with our people. Our aim is to serve the communities where we operate. Our group-wide values and our policies, which build on international standards and directives, are designed to guide, influence and govern our activities. The company supports numerous community initiatives and charities from sponsoring the Manulife Bike & Hike for Heart and printing the directory for the Waterloo Arts Council to supporting the St. Mary's Hospital drive to raise funds for digital mammography. It embraces causes revolving around health issues such as heart ailments and cancer.

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Quality Customer Service is what we offer

Our highly trained customer service professionals ensure that every client is thoroughly satisfied. By providing customized solutions to all your logistics needs, you can sit back and relax. we’ve got you covered!. We are well equipped and positioned to offer customs clearing services for export and import. This includes all forms of documentation. We also arrange for museum certificates and artifact for exports.

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